Automatically Update Panelists Using an Excel File

When you’re managing a research panel, it can be a pain to constantly update your list of members.

Now, you can simply maintain the list in an Excel file; then by setting up a simple FTP or WebDav sync process, MicroPanel will automatically update by checking the Excel file daily or weekly at your option.

Add a new Auto-Scheduled import

Here’s a video showing you how to set up this simple process.

Also, here’s a help file showing the process step-by-step.

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Select a Balanced Sample Easily With MicroPanel Panel Management Software

How do you select a proper sample for your study using panel management software?

With MicroPanel panel management software’s Sample Balancer feature, it couldn’t be easier.

Let’s say you want to be sure to select 48% men and 52% women and 30% urban, 40% suburban and 30% rural in the sample for a particular study.  This type of interlocking sample requirements are described as “nested” variables.

For this study or any other, simply create a Sample Balancer within MicroPanel software indicating the percentages of each profile variable category you need in your outgoing sample, then launch the study.  It’s that easy!

Let’s look at how it works in the software:

You can add a Sample Balancer under the panel tab after selecting the correct panel on the My Panels screen:

Sample Balancer 1

Step 1

Step 1: Click on ‘Add Sample Balancer’. Provide a name to the balancer. Type in the total response size that is required. Select the balancing parameters from the list. A maximum of 3 can be specified at a time. Click on ‘Add Sample Balancer’

Only the single-select type member profile fields can be used as balancing parameters, hence if you do not have any in the member profile then the balancing parameters list will be empty.

Sample Balancer 2

Step 2

Step 2: Type in the percentage combinations that you are looking for. Ensure that the numbers under each paramter total to 100. Click on ‘Add Sample Balancer’

Remember, MicroPanel integrates seamlessly with Survey Analytics‘ Enterprise Research Platform, so you have the power of a full-featured survey software system at your disposal.

Here is a link to a fuller description of how to use MicroPanel’s Sample Balancer feature.

Click here to learn more about MicroPanel.

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The Future of Market Research

Market Research Trends[Note: this post was originally published on our sister site,]

As anticipated, it was a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion yesterday in the Market Research Trends 2012 webinar.  There were over 40 people in attendance live, and there were many interesting questions submitted by the audience.

The discussion featured Lenny Murphy, editor of the GreenBook Blog, and Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana (Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of Survey Analytics was not able to attend at the last minute).  The discussion was ably moderated by Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers.

If  you weren’t able to make the webinar, here’s just a sampling of what you missed:


Lenny said gamification is a challenge to the way market researchers currently think but that companies out the space are successfully employing game principles to their industries.   Romi said it’s possible to do gamification very well or very badly.  Using a sweepstakes as an incentive to participate in a survey panel is an example of gamification done poorly.


Romi described consumerization as the tail wagging the dog.  Instead of companies mandating how their employees or customers will behave, now the process has been inverted, and the customers hold the power.  Lenny said consumers increasingly own their own data and will choose with whom to share it and on what terms.

Network Intelligence

Lenny described network intelligence as an opportunity to make predictive sense of the zetabytes of data available today.  Romi added it is an opportunity to stop thinking of your limited network, for example, your company’s direct employees, and rather think about the networks to which they belong and how to start bringing that intelligence to bear.  He cited the involvement of 4 separate companies in the current webinar as a good example of leveraging network intelligence.

Social Monitoring

Romi described the geometric expansion in the amount of data available about brands, companies and individuals.  He painted the picture of a future where each of us has a brand equity ticker measuring the sentiment expressed about us on the web.  Lenny described social monitoring as a way to get to the great untapped pool of information proliferating online.

Panel Communities

Lenny described panel communities as the great compromise between the traditional online panel model and the highly interactive online community model. He described it as involving a greater investment on both sides – the research company and the consumer.  Romi urged looking at constant feedback instead of episodic interaction.

User Experience

Lenny said that since consumers have the power to choose where to go easily, a substandard user experience is no longer going to cut it.  He said that market research traditionally has not been designed with consumer experience in mind.  Romi underscored how easy it is for consumers to opt out and gave an example showing how user experience can be extremely powerful in either a negative or a positive way.

Moble Sampling and Ethnography

Lenny indicated that the impact of mobile cannot be overstated and that emerging markets are leapfrogging the PC experience entirely.  He said the app model structurally builds in consumer consent to share and receive information.  Romi said the greatest power of mobile – more than convenience – is that is allows us contact with the consumer in situ.


The question-and-answer session was the best part of the event.  Don’t miss it!


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Free Webinar Event 12/14: Market Research Trends 2012

Wed 12/14/11 at 10AM PST

Market Research Trends 2012

Click here to sign up!

The world of market research has experienced tremendous change over the last few years.  Last years’ trends of mobile surveys and analyzing social media chatter have evolved to higher levels that now include gamification; turning the feedback process into a fun and engaging experience as well as the growth of private panels and communities that can provide on-demand feedback within the hour!

Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday December 14th at 10:00 AM PST where we will explore the top trends that will impact how you will gather information and make decisions in 2012.

SurveyAnalytics is proud to be a part of this free live webinar featuring panelists: Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana, Leonard Murphy, CEO of Brandscan 360 and editor in chief for the Greenbook Blog, and Vivek Bhaskaran, founder of SurveyAnalytics.  This will be a discussion style webinar where our speakers will share their opinion on what trends to look for in 2012, and audience member are encouraged to ask and share opinions as well.

In this fast paced session, we’ll be exploring:

– 2012’s Top research trends that have influenced how we collect feedback

– Resources where you can see examples of these trends in action.

– Tools that you can use today to get started

Register today  for this exciting discussion to discover how your peers are leveraging insight into defined opportunities to innovate via today’s technologies for tomorrow’s research!

Click here to sign up today!

About the speakers:

 Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana

He comes to us from Microsoft where his last role was  WW Director of Sales and Strategy for the Digital Marketing & Search team at Microsoft Corporation.  In this role, Romi focused on growing the Digital Marketing business for the company as well as helping define Microsoft’s increasing role in Internet Business.

Before this stint at Microsoft, Romi Mahajan was founder- President of KKM Group, an Advisory company focused solely on Strategy and Marketing in the Technology, Media, Agency, and Luxury Goods sectors.  Prior to founding KKM, Romi was Chief Marketing Officer of Ascentium Corporation, a leading digital agency with 96M in Sales in 2008.

During this first tenure at Microsoft, Mahajan spent over seven years in the company’s US business where his last role was as Director of Technical Audience & Platform Marketing. Earlier in his career, Mahajan started two boutique consulting companies specializing in technology and finance joint ventures between U.S. and Asian companies.

A well-known speaker on the technology and media circuit, Mahajan serves on a variety of Advisory Boards and speaks at over a dozen industry events per year. In addition, he has been published prolifically in the Technology press.

Mahajan graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, at the age of 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Studies. He also received a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

 Leonard Murphy, CEO of Branscan 360 

Leonard Murphy is a seasoned and respected market research industry leader with an entrepreneurial drive. He has been called a visionary and am renowned as an innovator.

His credentials include:

-Editor in-Chief, GreenBook Blog, GreenBook Research Industry Trends Study, GreenBook Newsletter atGreenBook Marketing Research Directory

-Chairman at 2011 & 2012 Chairman & Co-Producer of Market Research in the Mobile World Conference series

-2011 Chairman, 2012 Co-Chairman at IIR Market Research Technology Event (formerly TDMR)

-Co-Host at Radio NewMR & Advisory Board Member at NewMR Virtual festival

-Event Advisory Board Member: Qualitative Consumer Research and Insights 2011 at Merlien Institute

-Board of Advisors at InsightPool, Kontrol, Decooda, and Market Research Global Alliance

-Principal at LMC Group Consulting

Vivek Bhaskaran, founder of SurveyAnalytics

Vivek Bhaskaran is the founding member and CEO of Survey Analytics, one of the industry’s leading providers of web-based research technologies. As Chief Executive Officer, he plays a key role in defining the company strategy and using technology and innovation continuously to maintain its leadership in the industry.

He has played a pivotal role in the Survey Analytics journey. In 2008, Survey Analytics made Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing private companies, ranking 172nd overall and 25th among business-service providers.

Puget Sound Business Journal recognized Survey Analytics as one of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in Washington State.

Vivek completed his primary education in India before moving to Russia and then US. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, Utah.

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9AM: How To Run A Field Research Project with SurveyPocket’s iPad App

Thursday October 6th, 2011

9:00AM PST

It’s no secret that smart phones, iPads, and other mobile tablets are changing the way people keep in touch, reach books and news, and collect data. In market research, the prediction is that field teams will be replacing the pen and pad for one of these devices soon enough.

“The benefits of collecting and sharing data via the iPad call for a revolution of the field research design methodology-“ Andrew Jeavons, Chief Operating Offer, SurveyAnalytics.

If you’ve heard the hype and want to join in on the action, but are a bit overwhelmed on how to get started, then join us on Thursday October 6th, 2011 at 9:00AM PST for a free webinar hosted by Esther LaVielle and John Johnson from SurveyAnalytics. With over 12 years of combined experience in project management, market research, and software application training, we are here to train you and offer free guidelines how to:

– Create and manage your own field project

– Train and manage your field research team

– How to synchronize/organize all data into an online report

– How to quickly share your field research results with your clients faster than ever before with dashboards and alerts

– Follow a case study we are currently fielding about pro sports fans!

A Q& Session will conclude our 45-minute webinar. A recorded video and slides will be available to all who signs up for the webinar and subscribed to and

Sign up here today:

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Slides & Recording Now Available: How To Set Up A Panel Management Solution In 30 Minutes

Slides from the webinar

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Free Webinar Wed 8/24/11 @ 8AM PST: How To Create Your Own Panel Management Solution in 30 Minutes

Wednesday August 24th, 2011

8:00 AM PST

Click here to sign up now

Panel management solutions are popping up everywhere for companies to explore. The main objectives to getting started is that it’s too difficult to learn, It’s too time consuming, or it requires to much dependent on the software company and slowing down the panel debut. With SurveyAnalytics solution, MicroPanel, implementing your own panel management solution doesn’t have to be difficult and require 2-3 months of set-up time to get started. The webinar “How To Set Up a Panel Management Solution in 30 Minutes” will help familiarize you with the following:

-Trends & Advantages of creating and managing your own panel solution

-How to get started : 5-point focus to kick off your panel solution

– Customized site behavior: Get Your panel & Panel Portal the way you want it to

– Profiling Surveys: Capturing panel info while you ask questions in your survey

-What Are Knowledge Bank Questions: How to Implement them and connect them to your Panel profiles

– Sampling Portal: Pulling specific data for your surveys

A Question and Answer session will follow prior to the conclusion of the webinar.

A recording and webinar slides will be posted on this blog in the afternoon. Make sure to check back and download your copy to view.

To learn more about

Click here to sign up now

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SurveySwipe Launches Mobile Research Communities Pilot Program

Survey Analytics Offers Companies Three Months of Free Beta Testing


Seattle, July 19 2011 – SurveySwipe, a subsidiary of Survey Analytics is introducing a free three-month demo of the Mobile Research Communities pilot program to companies who sign-up for beta testing on the SurveySwipe website. SurveySwipe Mobile Research Communities allows companies to reach out to specific audiences with questions relevant to their brand and to receive feedback from that audience in real-time – via smart phones.

SurveySwipe serves as both a social and a business application. Users who download the app can earn points for answering questions related to their particular communities and those points can then be redeemed for various kinds of prizes like iPhone applications, gift cards, and other deals. The information obtained from SurveySwipe Mobile Research Communities is highly targeted, hyper-local, and easily obtained from users who are incentivized to respond in a convenient manner.

Like other Survey Analytics solutions, SurveySwipe is accessible and developed to be user-friendly. Companies can easily adapt each survey to their research needs and create a branded survey experience for subjects. SurveySwipe is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices as well as being the only app to support all four major phone platforms.

“SurveySwipe gave our conference the ability to garner immediate feedback in real-time,” says Brian Dowdy, Director of Research, PSAMA. “Through their comprehensive reporting mechanism, we were able to quickly identify the pulse of the conference and adjust resources appropriately. SurveySwipe is the premier choice when building private communities for real-time.”

“As the industry continues to trend more and more towards mobile interaction, it is essential to gather feedback from this source,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, President and CEO of Survey Analytics. “SurveySwipe offers companies unlimited surveys and responses, full control of users and data, customizable points and rewards systems, and 10,000 users from a variety of communities that reflect the needs of diverse target audiences. But because of our commitment to innovation, we will continue to add more features and augment the already-successful program as we move forward.”

Survey Analytics is working on several other new products, including SurveyPocket, developed for the iPad platform. Companies wishing to sign up for the SurveySwipe Mobile Research Communities demo, should visit or click on the SurveySwipe Logo below.

Link to SurveySwipe Press Release:

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Online panel management – an opportunity to enhance your research practice.

With more than 75% of the US population currently online, combined with an astounding global internet penetration, it’s no surprise  that more and more organizations are developing and managing their own custom online panels.  A pre-recruited online panel community will keep your customers engaged, increase response rate, provide better data quality for your research and marketing initiatives and most importantly, reduce project cost.

While a proprietary panel has strong benefits, the elements of design, management, maintenance and the selection of an effective panel management solution are critical to the health of the panel.

If you’re considering an online panel management solution but don’t know where to begin, or have been hindered by:

  • Expensive software licensing fees
  • Outrageous  survey data collection charges
  • Platforms that require extensive IT expertise to manage your panel
  • Solutions with pretty graphics, but anemic in panel management features
  • Solutions that are just “overkill”
Please join Rudly Raphael, our Director of Panel Solutions for a comprehensive Webinar on the in’s and out’s of developing your own panel for research. We will also discuss CONFIDENCE SCORE – A patent pending solution integrated within MicroPanel designed for the selection of more accurate and richer sample, which ultimately improves survey data quality.

Webinar Registration:

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Survey Analytics flexes its muscle on sampling services

It appears that Survey Analytics is listening intently to its customers and with good reasons. The software firm, which currently offers an array of research tools for conducting market research, including survey design and hosting, reporting, advance analytics and panel management, recently announced the launch of its latest product – MicroPanel.

MicroPanel is designed to facilitate both Question pro and Survey Analytics customers access to online respondents for survey participation, using one dedicated platform. However, don’t let the prefix in the name fool you, as MicroPanel is described as a network that consists of multiple niche panels in various industries, giving their clients access to millions of respondents online. Panel members are rigorously recruited and profile information account for more than 400 data points on each member.  This, ultimately, will provide their clients with a breadth of information and the ability to select richer samples.

Taking this baby for a test drive, I discovered a few things under the hood:

  • Interface – A unified, automated platform to facilitate access to research sample at the click of a button.
  • Specialty Panels – Access to respondents in various sectors: Health, IT, Financial, Mobile, Automobile and others.
  • Reach –  MicroPanel currently offers representative sample from US, Europe, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East.
  • Friends – They’ve partnered with a few top shelf sample providers that specialize in certain market, to ensure full project feasibility to their clients at all times.

Survey Analytics is certainly not new to the data collection arena and this is not their first rodeo. With an abundant list of high profile clients who are conducting thousands of interviews daily on their platform, the firm has focused on developing custom research solutions for advance analytics and enterprise feedback management, as evident by Ideascale, Micropoll and a number of other products that fall under the Survey Analytics flagship. The addition of MicroPanel certainly follows that path.

With the rise of social media, combined with more consumers having access to the internet, sample providers are a dime and a dozen. This is good for competition, but can also create confusion for the sample buyer. Simply managing bids from different providers with different prices, using different platforms can be a daunting task and this does not even include sample quality. Survey Analytics bridges the gap by providing its clients with a much needed service, using a unified platform.

By taking a quick peek at the MicroPanel platform, the process of purchasing sample seems very intuitive and user friendly.

1)      Customers must login to their Qpro or Survey Analytics account

2)      Select “Send Survey” from the top horizontal menu

3)      Select “Request A Quote” from the side menu

4)      Complete the quote form, along with any project specification

5)      Submit by clicking on “Quote request”.

After submitting the quote, a summary of the customer’s project specifications is immediately displayed, pending review from Survey Analytics. The wait period did not seem excessive, as it only took a few hours to receive a quote for a general consumer study with standard requirements.

MicroPanel certainly appears to be the missing piece that completes the full circle for Survey Analytics and their customers. Judging from what we’ve seen thus far, they may have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

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